Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the dirt!

H4L and I got busy this last weekend, not like that goofballs! We got busy cleaning out our front yard. Mostly because WE want our home to be beautiful and lovely and inviting. We also have found a fabulous fondness to planting and growing our own foods and herbs. But I will not lie, part of the reasoning behind our total re do of our front yard, is in fact that nasty letter we received from the ever annoying Home Owners Association griping to us about how it has been spring for a whole 5 minutes, why haven't we cleaned up the dead vegetation from winter wrath! UGH! They make me so mad. But at least they got us going! What about you? Is your HOA an annoying thorn in your life?

Before: Ugly, Winter burned, neglected

Cleaned, feeling better

Reshaped, re soiled, re planted, grass planted

The beginnings of a fragrant, happy front yard herb garden

Side view of our handiwork


  1. looks great!! i can't wait to start ours! still have about a month of colder air though :o/

  2. Beautiful! Rude HOA, I agree. I am going to try and plant some herbs this summer as well too. I haven't felt like I have the energy for gardening the last couple of years, but now that the little one is getting older and o-so-"helpful" I'll give it another try!

  3. WOW what a difference! Looks fabulous!

  4. Great job! Thankfully, there is no HOA in my neighborhood.

  5. Nice!

    Your HOA sounds like a big bully.


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